Mandurah Nutrition and Dietetics partnerships and leadership collaborative work:

Monica works collaboratively with health professionals based at Miami Physiotherapy and Lakelands Physiotherapy & Allied Health. The health professionals will provide you with all the service you require to optimise your health and well-being,  We recommend taking the opportunity to undergo a complete health check-up utilizing the additional services of the following: 

Miami Physiotherapy / Lakelands Physiotherapy

Website: www.miamiphysio.com.au

Phone: 08 9534 4111

  • Experienced team of physiotherapist led by Shelley Sloper, Miami Physiotherapy was established in June 2006.  

  • Pilates class programs, on-site rehab gym and hydrotherapy pool

  • Address: 66 Cobbles Street, Falcon 6210

  • Open times from Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm, and Saturday from 8am to 12noon. 

HealthySelf Exercise Physiologyist  (08 9511 1196)

  • Experienced team of exercise  physiologist Megan Day, 

  • Business address 66 Cobblers Street, Falcon 6210

Falcon Podriatry (9534  4111)

Treating all your ankle and foot problems.


Natural Balance Remedial Massage  (9534 4284)

We also work collaborative with a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and other health professionals within the hospital & community to make sure your care and needs are effectively managed.

We also run a wellness education program with corporative companies.   

We work with Kernhealth (www.kernhealth.com.au) and cover a wide nutrition service for WA NDIS and DVA.

See below our clinic locations in the lower Metropolitan and Peel region of WA.

Priceline Pharmacy

Shop 24

420 Secret Harbour Boulevard

0468 703 755

Secret Harbour
Halls Head

Allied Health

5 Peelwood Parade

Halls Head

0468 703 755

Miami Physiotherapy

66 Cobler Street 


08 9534 4284


Lakelands Shopping Centre

Shop 32

49 Banksiadale Gate

08 9542 9880

Port Kennedy

Revivify Clinic

4 Paxton way

Port Kennedy

08 9524 5751

Contact Monica

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You can find me in the following 5 clinic locations and you will find my contact details below:


0468 703 755

08 9415 1364

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