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Mandurah Nutrition and Dietetics partnerships and leadership collaborative work:

Monica works collaboratively with health professionals based at My Health Clinic. The health professionals will provide you with all the service you require to optimise your health and well-being,  We recommend taking the opportunity to undergo a complete health check-up utilizing the additional services of the following: 

My Health Clinic 

Phone: 08 95245751

  • Experienced team of health professional

  • Address: 4 Paxton Way, Port Kennedy, WA, 6172 

  • This is one clinic stop where you can a Dietitian, Mind Coaching, Physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, Chiropractic, remedial massage, infrared Sauna, and so much more in this clinic. Have a look on the other services like float therapy, cryotherapy as you will have a great experience. They are also NDIS providers. 

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