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Nutrition and Dietetics 



Weight loss can be relaxing and pleasant. I help people to create personalised eating plans that are both easy to follow and do not take the fun out of eating.

There are three main pillars to effective weight control:

  • Mindful eating

  • A positive relationship with food

  • Portion control to meet your body needs

I will help you to be more aware of what you eat, focusing on the foods that have less calories but are still delicious to eat. By adjusting your portions and possibly eating more times in a day, together we will change your habits in a way that will be sustainable in the long term.

For more information go to Australia Dietary guidelines  

and the  Australia Guide to Health eating

Appropriate nutrition will allow you to keep your blood sugar level (glucose) and weight more stable, whether you are using medication.

It is not a diet. Monica will establish a healthy eating plan with you. You will still be enjoying your food, whilst improving the management of this chronic health condition.   

If you do need to lose weight, then you will receive a plan focused on losing weight in a healthy but relaxed way, that is in line with your existing treatment.

For more information visit Diabetes Australia and Diabetes WA

Monica worked within several specialised Stroke unit, Age Care hospital units and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation teams over many years – Monica is an expertise in this field.

I come across most days in my clinic: 

  • Borderline or High cholesterol blood levels

  • High blood pressure

  • Fatty liver with or without high triglycerides

In all the above condition small nutrition changes will improve all of these as well a better weight control. I will guide you and give you the skills to learn how to shop, cook and eat allowing you to reduce your cholesterol or triglycerides, blood pressure or lose weight.

For more information go to Heart Foundation wa

I did not expect this, but Monica makes losing weight really fun! I need to lose a lot of weight in a short period and I  was not very thrilled about the idea of giving up all the fun in eating. I though I could do it on my own, but in the end I decided to get some professional advice as I couldn't do it on my own.  The best decision I could have ever made! Not only has Monica given me a diet that allows me to eat more than I expected, she also shown me a lot of great things I can eat and she has given me lots of fantastic recipes and tips for some delicious alternatives. The results iI am losing weight at a good but steady rate than is easy to maintain, while enjoying my food better than before I started. Sometimes it gets a bit tough staying my routine, but Monica is also great to helping you through those periods and staying on track.


Thank you for improving my life in such an easy way Monica!

Jerry Hoekman


Cancer patients and survivors can be assisted with the loss of appetite / taste changes, the rapid weight loss, and the fatigue that cancer patients often experience before, during and after treatment.

In a less number of cases you can also increase weight, or appetite under some cancer treatment modalities. I will be able to guide you at what is “a better way to control your weight with Cancer”.

Monica will develop a personalised plan, based on your treatment and symptoms, to make your life a bit easier. By changing the types of food you eat and changing ingredients we can increase your appetite. Adding more nourishing types of food with more protein and energy you will ensure that you get enough energy out of your food to minimise fatigue, rapid weight and muscle loss.

For more information go to Cancer Council WA

Monica works with families to help motivate their children to adopt healthier eating habits. Monica is a mum of two herself and knows exactly how hard it is to balance work and home time.


She can help you plan and find those meals that are both healthy, avoid weight gain or loss, while being tasty enough for them to eat.

Many people are sensitive to specific types of food that irritate their bowels. These issues are not curable but can be well managed by changing your diet. Monica helps people with different types of issues, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Coeliac Disease, diverticulitis disease, constipation, bloating and many more.

A trial FODMAPS elimination diet is a well evidence approach for your Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It is highly recommended that you follow a trial FODMAPS under dietitian supervision as it is a complex elimination diet trial. 

She will assess the type of symptoms you have and together with you find the types of food that may be causing the problems. By making a eating and lifestyle plan to replace the types of food that irritate your bowels and setting up a healthy relaxing eating plan, Monica can help you to make eating more fun again.

For more information on Coeliac disease go to

Eating disorders are complex and often very debilitating. A wide range of symptoms can indicate one of a number of different disorders. Symptoms can include increasing or decreasing food intake, binge eating, vomiting, laxative overuse, body image distortion, and many others.

Monica has extensive experience in this area from working in specialised eating disorder units. Treatment encompasses advanced cognitive behaviour therapy modalities, alongside structured eating plans, and, if appropriate, the involvement of the patient’s external support networks (family, friend, and colleagues)

Early detection and intervention can help to reduce the severity, duration, and impact of the disorder.


Please contact Monica on 0468 703 755 or email if you wish to discuss it further.

For more information go to Eating Disorder Australia

Nutrition in Age care is important!

A healthy, balanced diet is important to people of all ages, but the consequences of an unhealthy diet are magnified for the elderly. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • The decline of the brain function and body’s immune system over time

  • The growing importance for essential nutrients such as calcium, fibre, iron and vitamins, at varying levels of nutritional needs depending on the individual or of an existing chronic disease.

  • Also as we age our food taste, mobility, eye vision and hydration can be compromised – we will work with you to help you in any of this area.

Monica will be flexible and supportive of your food choices, food budget and routine.



Our program for Age care with a pensioner card holder - discounts are available.

Monica’s workshops and program are:





Mandurah Nutrition and Dietetic works collaborative with all the GP's,  Nursing teams, hospital and silver chain staff, KernHealth and others Allied Health professionals.