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"Our Mission is to help you with personalised Dietary and counselling so that you can achieve your desired goals from inside out with the right foods and mindset RoadMap to succeed and become a healthy you!"



Meet Monica Divine

Certified Dietitian & Health Coach


Monica is the CEO and Founder of Mandurah Nutrition and Dietetics


Health & Leadership Empowering Coach

We believe you! Let's make it work!

We strive to be leaders in providing you with expert nutrition and lifestyle advice for: 

  • weight loss counselling & management

  • Mindful Eating

  • Bariatric surgery

  • Diabetes

  • Heart disease and high blood pressure

  • Foods to eat with Cancer (before, during and after treatment)

  • Gastrointestinal disease,

  • Irritable Bowels Syndrome (IBS) and FODMAP diet

  • Nutrition during pregnancy

  • Food allergy and intolerance

  • Nutrient deficiencies

  • Eating disorders childhood and adults life

  • Childhood Nutrition

  • Mediterranean diet

  • Menu Planning

  • Many other food related concerns or diseases (email Monica)

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Hi, I am Monica Divine, Founder of Mandurah Nutrition and Dietetics. 

Monica Divine has been involved with Dietetics  and Nutrition from the age of 18 and has worked as a Dietitian for over 29 years. Monica began her career working in her birth country of Portugal before studying at the prestigious King's College, London. Monica graduated from King's College in 2001 and began working for the National Health Service in the UK (extensive experience within hospitals and community field). 

Monica has worked as a Senior Dietitian in several well-renowned UK teaching hospitals, including the world famous Royal Marsden Oncology Hospital. This role facilitated her appointment as the Principal Oncology Dietitian at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Monica remained in this role from 2008 to 2015, with several short-term secondments at King Edwards Memorial Hospital (Gestational Diabetes/Women's Health), Rockingham General Hospital (Mental Health), and the child Disability Service in west Perth (Child Nutrition). 

I am also working within the WA NDIS dietetic Services for Rockingham and Peel Region.  

Monica has also worked in private clinics in London and Perth, and has been employed in a consultative capacity with several catering companies and  nursing homes.

My special interest are in the areas of Cancer, Gut Health, Bariatric surgery, Eating Disorders, Sport Nutrition,  child/adult obesity expertise and Age Care.

I am also a busy mum and I enjoy the challenging of balancing my work and family life. As a mum of two I had the opportunity to practice my own advice such as managing child and infant nutrition like fussy eating, healthy eating (prevent child obesity and later onset of chronic diseases) and eating or feeding difficulties. I combine my love with Mediterranean cooking style with regular physical activity, both kayak in the Mandurah canals and swimming. Also I am a great believer of the Yoga, Pilates and Tai chi practises - great for your mind and body balance.



Monica Divine APD ANBSc with Honours (Nutrition & Food Science)

Accredited Practising Dietitian,

Accredited Practising Nutritionist

Advanced communication skills with Cancer Care

Accredited in mindful eating and mindset long-term change

Accredited Optifast Prescriber Dietitian

Member of the Dietetic Association of Australia

Professional member of the oncology society, Coeliac Society WA,

Diabetes Association WA, Heart Foundation, and Gut Foundation

Member of interest groups for: Paediatric and Maternal Health, Obesity, Food Intolerance, Sport, Eating Disorder and Oncology.

Certificate in Mindfulness eating

Certificate in Nutritional and lifestyle Cognitive Behaviour Therapies (CBT)

Certified Coach by The Coaching Institute (Professional Master Coach) in Melbourne

What to expect when you coming to my nutrition and lifestyle clinic? 

  • Assess personal food diary and nutrition requirements – practical and updated nutrition advice on how to achieve improvements in nutritional and health status.

  • I will advise you regarding nutritional requirements for a diverse range of nutrition related diseases, conditions or issues.

  • I will provide the support and motivational skills to goal set and lifestyle changes using powerful strategies.

  • Where appropriate I will liaise with your General Practitioner, Specialist, or other allied health practitioners to achieve best possible outcome

  • Offer fairly priced nutrition services which genuinely meet your needs

  • Mandurah Nutrition does not discriminate against clients based on any personal attributes such as appearance, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion or age.

  • Translate scientific, evidence based information into practical advice and explain it in a layman’s terms


  • I will explain nutrition facts from fiction and help you to find your way through the maze of nutrition quackery common amongst media in todays’ society.


  • Give you practical advice on how to implement changes into day to day life e.g. easy, healthy and delicious recipes, ideas for shopping, cooking and eating out.


  • I will make nutrition advice fun whenever it is applicable!

  • We make our services accessible to you by offering in-home consultation and after-hours appointments

  • Continually reviewing client feedback to ensure we offer the level of services our clients expect

Mandurah Nutrition and Dietetic works collaborative with all the GP's, Bariatric consultants, oncologist consultants and others specialities, Nursing teams, hospital and silver chain staff, Cancer Centers, palliative teams, local weight loss groups, NDIS Support workers and NDIS providers (like My Health Clinic)  and others Allied Health professionals. 

What people say about me? Testimonials

"I didn't even need the meal plan or diets.

Monica system of grouping the foods and portions control made it super easy.

What a time saver. Thank you Monica you truly transformed my life."

Perth,  Mary P, 2020. 


"The best decision we could have made as couple! We have been seeing Monica for a few months now and we certainly would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health and lose weight. We are so impressed that we were referred to see Monica and we both have lost weight and feeling so much better with our health and fitness. We can understand the way we think around food cravings, Monica makes loosing weight really fun! We are now  both free of our sugar cravings addictions.

Thanks Monica for all your help and very good advice"

Wellington Point, QLD, David and Mary Hoekman, 2021

Have a look at this Connie video about her session with Monica

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