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What is a Life Coach?


Loose Weigth

I inspire leaders to achieve more fulfilled carers and gain more clarity and structure & growth in business. 

There are five main pillars to create success in your life:

  • Understanding success is a structure

  • Available to every one that has a passion/goal to achieve

  • To achieve fulfillment  there are six cores requirements

  • Understanding how to overcome your weakness, limited beliefs, fears, worries, or pain.

  • Explore your strengths and goals or vision

If you're running your own business, but you have been playing small, let's start playing bigger and achieve the success you always dreamed about. 


Feeling overwhelmed? Lack of focus? Lack of structure?  

Then coaching is for you.


 " The truth is, life isn't happening to you. Life is responding to you". 

If you prefer you can also choose the "Ultimate You"  amazing online program with the option to add on one-to-one coaching sessions with Monica (at 50 % discount). Please contact Monica or email us for more information. 



Low light of Work-Life Balance concept..

Life coach at personal levels will help you to overcome:  

  • Trauma, loss or bulling

  • Procrastination or just not achieving your goals or purpose in life

  • Carers or money  issues 

  • It will give you the skills and confidence to recognize and address some of the most common eating concerns: like weight issues, overeating, binge and emotional eating, endless dieting, body image, digestion, immunity, mood, fatigue and much more. As so many times we forget that "We are what we eat!"Nutrition plays a big role in our gut health, ability to focus, to have more vitality & energy, impacts our mood & hormones.

  • Inability to get pregnant as everything in live is overwhelming

  • Stress management

  • Anxiety management via mindfulness

  • Chronic pain and increase levels of stress or lost of hope






Middle aged female mentor coach teacher

Monica is an expert in the field of  family and relationship coaching.

Problems that arise include:

  • Couples that have lost intimacy and connection

  • Overwhelmed parents and breakdown communications 

  • Poor self-esteem, lack of energy leading to a poor relationship with in them self and others.

  • Feeling loneliness, frustrated, anger, stressed, anxiety and depressed

  • Unable to sleep as your mind is  everywhere at nighttime

All the above problems can be unblocked and addressed within coaching session. 

You can also sign up here for the online program Ultimate You

just contact us we will send you more information. 


These above issues or problems you can no longer ignore it or continue to live with it! Let's build better relationship that will also impact your loves one. 


Personal health
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