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Monica Divine

Supercharge your Healing Potential with Powerful Nutrition and lifestyle solutions


For 29 years I have been passionate about providing the results you are looking for.  I am the registered Dietitian and Health Mindset Coach who will bring balance to your body and mind.  


I look forward to meeting you.

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You will get one-on -one undivided attention without sharing time with others.


You can book to see Monica in Mandurah, Secret harbour,  and Port Kennedy clinics

NDIS Provider


Virtual Online Consultancy

Group Coaching

We are your go-to Dietitians for chronic diseases and weight management.


Your Dietitian can provide you with individualised nutrition consultations in the comfort and privacy of your own home


Plan-to-Plate smart

learning skills.

Shopping on a budget as you do a real-life grocery shop for your family. 

Learn all about reading  food labels and healthy grocery trolleys


Plan-to-Plate smart

personalized Menu Plans 

Our Menu Plan are created with the most advance software that provides you with all the macro and micro nutrients, grocery list  and meal preparation tips

Each combo diet guide includes: "done-for-you" food lists, meal plans, recipes, and implementation plans - that you can simply follow.

Learn all about how we can make it work no matter what lifestyle and food preferences you have

in your life as all the Menu Plans are customized to your lifestyle and taste requirements


Fun and interactive nutrition education for community group and corporative.

Current events & workshop:

Learn how to get the best  control of your  Diabetes?

Healthy eating for your child and family!

Eating well for Cancer workshop
Mindset Coaching
weight Management -
8 weeks challenge 
Weight Loss 21 x day Challenge Starting Soon!


For many other 28 x days Transformational Body and Mind Challenges

What to expect from Monica's 
Lifestyle and Nutrition Private Consultations: 

Simple and practical updated nutrition advice on how to achieve the improvement your body and mindset is looking forwards for 

a healthier you!

I will explain nutrition facts from fiction and help you to find your way through the maze of nutrition and media in today's’ society. Discover the nutritional Knowledge to introduce healthy habits

I will provide you with the knowledge and  mindset skills for your nutritional & lifestyle body needs.

As a mindset coach i will help your mind and body to live a more full-filled live.

Monica will boost your confidence to be the best you.

Where appropriate I will liaise with your General Practitioner, Specialist, or other allied health practitioners to achieve best possible outcome.

Improve your health blood test markers, minimize the use for medicine. Plus, manage stress and reduce fatigue by improving your metabolic rate, gut health and hormonals levels. 



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Mrs. Leanne

Monica has helped turn my life around. Her advice and suggestions help me to make better choices with the food I eat and my general well being.

Thank you Monica!

Monica also coached me. I Recommended it for everyone who wants a deeper understanding of why we do what we do and how we can create lives that are more fulfilling, resourceful and purposeful. My life changed from ordinary to extraordinary.

Monica has a very friendly, professional manner and I am very pleased that I was referred to her. She is able to encourage and inspire and her advice and food suggestions are making a big difference for my health. I highly recommend Monica, whether you want to lose weight or just eat healthier

Monica ability to coach me open so many door in my life as my self love, confidence to live my dream life and for helping me to pass that healthy mindset on to my kids. I'am very thankful that i signed up for this program that changed mine and my family's life for good.

Finally, somebody has got it mind and body right!"

Mrs. Lesley

I'm just so glad I found you.   Because of your guidance, I was able to easily lose the weight and lower my blood cholesterol without starving the entire time and feeling miserable. I am completely satisfied, something that I have never experienced at any point in my life. I don't think of the way I eat as a diet; I think of it as a way of life. I actually think I can achieve my goal, which is a complete shift for me, as I have never truly had much hope that I would ever lose weight again. You've inspired me and my family. I learned so much and I will continue to be open to taking in new information about a better way to eat and live. Monica coaching ability empower me to adopt small changes that have a big impact on my health and life. Thank you for this experience. I feel that I have set out on a positive and healthy path and feel better than I have in years.”

Mr. Bob

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